The following Letter to the Editor appeared in the Kenton Times.

I often sign things “Proud to be a Wildcat” because I am. Let me share with you a few specific times that pride has been in the forefront of my mind. Years ago was the first time I went to a Top Twenty performance and Phil Burson was the director. I remember thinking, how did our little town attract someone with his talent to lead this group of students. WOW!!! Another time, I remember specifically feeling that pride was when as a community we came together to support a young man who was on his way to the state wrestling tournament. Not just the high school, but the streets were lined with cars wishing him well.

But I have to tell you the best feeling of pride was when Kenton High School and Ohio Hi Point Career Center put a plan together to bring career and technical education courses to KENTON. YES, the entire business community was involved in that decision. This will be good for students and good for Kenton. There were hurdles to overcome, but everyone was dedicated to making this work. Now we have the opportunity to take it to the next level. Let’s get our career education courses in the same building as our college prep courses. Let’s have our Kenton students learning new skills in state of art classrooms and labs. Let’s give our middle school students a real lab to learn in not a makeshift classroom. Let’s enter into dialogue to expand career and technical education to the middle school students, to allow for a smooth transition at the high school level, and an even smoother transition to a career field after graduation. A new middle school and high school building will open so many doors to career education possibilities for our students. VOTE YES with me Kenton. Show our students we care about their future and that we have even one more reason to be “Proud, to be Wildcats”

Deb Purcell