The following letter was published in the Kenton Times.

Voters of the Kenton City School District-

Tuesday, November 2nd, we have the opportunity to provide the students of Kenton a first-rate middle and high school building.

I graduated from the present middle school (then Kenton High School), graduated from BGSU, and taught for 32 years in the Kenton System. I taught junior high girls Physical Education for 12 years. I took a 5-year vacation to have 2 daughters (both graduated from Kenton High School). In 1974 I started the Elementary Physical Education program along with the late Brett Molk. After teaching Elementary Physical Education for 20 years, I retired to play golf and travel.  My late husband, Karl McNeal taught Vocational Agriculture for 32 years in Kenton.

Now is the time to vote “yes” for the students of our community. Kenton is a great place to call home. An investment in our children’s education is an investment in our community’s future.

Mary Lou McNeal