If you visited our booth at the Hardin County Fair, THANK YOU for stopping by! However, if did not get a chance to visit, one of the big items we had available to show was a conceptual rendering of what a new middle/high school could look like.

Many fair-goers were asking, “What’s the new school going to look like?” And, “Where will the school be located?” While nothing is set in stone, we do have a conceptual rendering shown below to give you an idea of what this modern learning space could look like.

We are incorporating many important features into this new school, such modern learning labs for allied health/nursing, information technology, and manufacturing. These programs are currently available through a partnership with Ohio Hi-Point and are offered at the former Northwood Elementary School location. These programs have directly impacted many students and prepared them for jobs directly after graduating high school or provided valuable instruction before attending college! With a new school, these labs will be improved and incorporated into the building providing seamless learning for all students!

Conceptual Rendering

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