Many years ago, I wrote a letter in order to convince people that voting for the levy for a new middle/high school was important and a huge step for our community. I was excited for the opportunity to have my own children in all new buildings as they began their educational experience. Well, that original levy did not pass, but thankfully, the next one did, which allowed for the Kenton School District to create the new elementary school. I was overjoyed that we finally had a building which actually offered an up-to-date facility that my children could use. My son, who just graduated this year, had one year at the new elementary before moving on to the middle school, while my daughter was able to be there for six years.

I was extremely happy for the new building, but at the same time, I knew that my kids were brought back to reality once they hit the middle school. It is a great building to look at, and it holds a lot of memories for me. I went to school there, and my father taught at KMS for 35 years, in good old room 14. However, that is about the extent of my love for the building. In all reality, I knew that it was old and outdated when I went to school there in the 1980s. Since I was there, nothing has changed. If you do not believe me, go for a tour. Narrow hallways, outdated bathrooms, tiny classrooms with zero storage, poor lighting, and it is a hot box when the humidity rises. Have you ever attended a performance in the KMS auditorium? Yikes! Now, imagine a state-of-the-art building with climate control, new seats, and modern lighting and sound. Our community could hold all types of events in a place like that, and so many people could benefit from it. No more sitting uncomfortably while covered in sweat as you strain to hear your children perform!

New buildings for our middle/high school students would greatly help them educationally and the staff members would be eternally grateful to our community for the improved facilities. Personally, I have had the pleasure of working at Ada Schools for 23 years. The original building where I started was much like our middle and high schools are right now. It was a historic building, but it’s time had passed. Money was constantly being poured into its upkeep and it was time to say farewell. The people of Ada were very supportive of the new building and it is now a key element of the community. The auditorium is top notch, and I could not be more happy with what we are able to do with the new facility in terms of safety and technology. Did people miss the old building at Ada? Sure, but elements of the original facility are still there, much like will be done at Kenton should the levy pass. 

I would hope that the voters of Kenton decide to support our children and staff members with the building of a new school. I know many will wonder how they will benefit, as their children are no longer in school. To that, I will say that I understand, as my children will be out of school when the buildings are set to be completed. But, I will never turn down the needs of the children, and I want Kenton to get a win. These facilities will bring so much joy and pride to this community, and we really need that. Please take a second and think about how many generations of children will benefit from a “Yes” vote. Now, think about what happens to them with a “No”.  

Please consider voting for the future with a “Yes”, our children are worth it.


Mike Styer

Proud member of the KHS Class of 1993