The following letter was originally published in the Kenton Times.

Dear Editor,

As former teacher in the Kenton City School System and a person who spent 35 years teaching in Kenton Middle School, I agree it is time to vote yes for a new school. I was in kindergarten when the smaller elementary schools opened and in 7th grade when the “new” high school was completed. My class moved from the Ellis Building to the then Kenton Junior High School. That was 57 years ago. Boy how things have changed.

I know that the Middle School is not wired for all the computers and other electrical items need in the classroom, and it would be too expensive to rewire the entire building. Also, only a few offices and a room or two have air conditioning. I know many feel this is not a necessity, but with school starting in August instead of after Labor Day and often not releasing for the year until after Memorial Day, the students are in school on days when the classroom temperatures are over 95 degrees before 9 in the morning. Try keeping a 13- or 14-year-old interested in any subject when they are over heated!

I remember my parents paying to build the new elementary buildings back in the 50’s and feel we need to support our community youth and build this new building now. For most citizens it will be about $20.00 per month. I do not feel that is too much to help support our youth. People say they hate to see the old auditorium and building torn down,
but it would cost over 4 million dollars more to try to bring just the auditorium up to today’s code. The state also requires that the old ones be razed.

I have no children of my own but feel that our community children deserve the best atmosphere for learning. With the state willing to pay 30 million to help us, let’s do it.

Sincerely, Jane Baker
Former KMS 7th grade science teacher