The following letter to the editor & voters of Kenton, OH was prepared by Mayor Lynn Webb, City of Kenton Mayor.

To the editor and the voters:

“Kenton Build with Us” has been our motto for the City of Kenton since I have taken office in 2020.  Kenton City Schools has answered that call to build a much-needed middle school and high school with a $30 million co-funding opportunity.  The potential impact of the new schools on our community can be great.  Our youth and their future to prosper and contribute to society is fundamental.

Building a community that can grow and thrive is our hope.  Kenton City Schools are a significant part of economic development to the City of Kenton.  Business and industry looking for a place to build their business and plant their families look heavily at our schools.  The workforce of the future is developed at our schools through content knowledge, skills, real world experiences, wellbeing, and habits of success.

Strategic planning involves calculated risk, prioritizing, and most of all courage.  The burden is real for many to reach in their pockets and contribute more when budgets are tight. What I hope you consider is the amount of money the State of Ohio is offering. Again, $30 million!  This is a rare and once in a lifetime opportunity.  The conversations of missed opportunities are heard often and repeated without conversations of solutions.

Community members and residents within the Kenton City School District, let’s be intentional, informed, and courageous.  The State of Ohio will take back their gift of $30 million and give it to another school district and our opportunity will be missed.  Let’s take the risk and believe in growth, prosperity, and mostly the future of our kids.  VOTE YES KCS!


Mayor Lynn Jones Webb