The following letter was originally published in the Kenton Times.

To the Editor,

Suspect most citizens of our city have general disdain for all taxes. As my girls are grown with their children in other school districts a case could be made that we’ve no “dog in the fight”. The problem is one of timing. In the 1930’s the citizenry of this community made it their business to build us a grand facility for future generations to learn and thrive. This magnificent structure has squeezed every ounce of usefulness from now tired old beige bricks. As always it shall be missed and fondly remembered. The 60’s brought forth hopeful folks betting future youngsters gain knowledge of the day in a modern, efficient facility outstanding for its time. The 90’s zip! 2000’s nothing. 2010-2020 again, crickets! All during this time huge expenditures of efforts and money outdated structures functioning. With gas over $3, turmoil all around, the only thing that could be worse? Doing nothing, kissing $30,000,000.00 in assistance goodbye.

Times told us cost for average taxpayers of their YES VOTE: $30.00. Sweet Old Bill used to say, “the Lord shall provide”.

Time to stop kicking the can down the road, pull up our big girl/boy pants and “belly up to the bar”. Bet on ourselves, your young’uns and the future of Kenton.

Happy Halloween!
Paul Michael Furbush